MGK Consulting is your friendly, accessible professional audit and accounting firm. We deliver to international standards and are members of Nexia International. Some of our services include:

Auditing is not only a statutory requirement your company, but a valuable one too. It increases the credibility of your financial statements which are relied upon by shareholders, financiers, investors, creditors and other stakeholders. Read more on Audit & Assurance  

Businesses and individuals greatly benefit from our expert tax consultancy. We provide tax consultancy, filing of tax returns and are at hand to resolve any queries or issues raised by the tax authority. Read more on Tax Service  

Engaging our accounting service can be invaluable to your business. You can expect professional accounting service along with the trust and objectivity that comes from an external party. This is particularly important for small and medium enterprises where the owners lack accounting knowledge and where professional accounting is required at a reasonable cost. Read more on Accounting